Saturday, 29 October 2011

I Made It This Far...

We made a brief stop here... Cannot remember what it is called...
The drive to Prince George from Victoria was more or less uneventful. We met with Blair's broham in P.G. and settled in at his house, ate some pizza and had a couple beer... Then we decided to check out the local strip club and that's when it got strange... First off ALL the house lights were on so you could see all the details. The room held maybe 30 people max, and was almost full when we walked in, it was like a who's who of degenerates and druggies. We had a drink and then bounced before we had to see the strippers "perform", yet we did see one walking around... She may have had a substance abuse problem lol. Next we hit up one of the local clubs, Generator, which was more or less empty when we walked in but filled up by the end of the night. Plenty of people were dancing and having a great time but I felt slightly out of place amongst break-dance battles in which neither participant could actually break-dance, and a DJ that couldn't blend two songs to save his life (though he did play some N.W.A. much to my surprise). We met a few ladies who's names escape me now... They shall forever be known as The Stripper, The Blonde, The Loudmouth, and The Other One. We stayed until the bitter end to watch the tragedy that is Generator unfold, and then retired for the night... Today's drive was again uneventful yet long... We passed through many tiny little towns along the way and sustained ourselves with coffee and rain. I have a northwest facing room with a view of the harbour and train yard, not too shabby. Sooo tired, must sleep, long day into the unknown tomorrow...

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  1. Haha I especially enjoyed the names of the girls you met at genorater!
    How is the job besides sounding mundane ?? Do you like it ??
    Also I want to see more pics !!!
    Have you found yourself at that pub with the black and white checkered floor yet?? That place was also very interesting !