Friday, 30 November 2012

One Whole Year?!?

Wow, it doesn't feel like it at all... One year... Time has flown at a speed I never expected. Last year at this time I had just come home from Prince Rupert full of hope and expectations for my future with Arctic. Of course those that are close to me know that for almost half of this year I was struggling to keep my head above water while I looked for work in an industry that was almost non existent. Thankfully I got a tip through a friend of a friend and it actually panned out; I am actually writing this while my truck is warming up for the day. Though I have been working full time my goal is still to go away for work and make some I that big money that is out there waiting. As much as I love living life in the moment the time has come to start planning and making sure my future is secure and comfortable. Will I blow some money on pointless things like cars and bikes? Abso-freaking-lutely!!! But first and foremost is the dreaded bill payments and hopefully a nice little nest egg... Some major events since the last time I posted: May Long Weekend! Another epic weekend with some of my favorite people; minus a good friends wife, and bad influence, and their newborn daughter. Aesop Rock. We should have gone to the show earlier and seen the whole thing. Labour Day Weekend, PNE and Playland are just as crazy as ever. It's like the whole thing is designed as a way to make kids lose their minds. Birthday weekend. Amazing alter ego party and The Coup. There is still a month left, going to try and make it an awesome one...

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