Saturday, 12 November 2011

Halfway home

Well, tonight's shift marks the halfway point unless I can convince them to let me stay an extra week or two. The entire company breaks for Christmas and new years which, if I follow the schedule I'm on, brings me back for a week and a half before the break... Not really worth it. One of the big bushings that hold the bottom half of the main hitch on my truck let go the other night. I felt a strange vibration in the cab and hopped out to take a look and knew I would be parking it. The road is really hard on the trucks and it's common to have 3 or 4 trucks go down in a night. Last night my truck was still broken so instead of driving I was working as a mechanics helper... Mostly just helped tighten loose bolts on tailgates and rear suspension, but also got to switch out a driveshaft on one of the 30 tonners. It was a dirty and wet night but it felt good to be able to stay useful... Feeling a bit stir crazy now. Being on nights , the majority of my social time is at work... Thankfully we have a pretty good crew full of weirdos lol. I like the town. Price Rupert is small and run down but it feels like it has heart. Like most smaller towns, everyone is friendly and chatty. It's hard to beat the view too; the tankers all anchor right in town while they wait to be filled with either coal or grain over at Ridley Island (that's where our job is). The weather is very similar to the west coast of Vancouver Island... Rain, wind, sun all at the same time. You can see some snow up in the hills but I'm told it rarely snows in town and doesn't stay long when it does.

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