Sunday, 20 November 2011

21 In A Row

What do you get when you combine 5" of snow and a dozen rock trucks? Ice. That is all you get and you get it everywhere... Makes for a fun night for myself and a few others, but you could hear the stress levels rising for some of the drivers. There were a few arguments on the radio, and a handful of slip ups behind the wheel (all from the same people). I'm not saying I'm perfect by any means; I got stuck on one of the hills early in the shift but got out of there in a few minutes. It seems that with any driving job the snow separates everyone into 2 groups, the ones who will try and the ones who will fail... On another note 3 of the drivers (nicknamed the Alberta Connection) and 1 of the excavator operators are leaving in the morning (our morning not in the am). It's gonna feel strange without them since they've been here since I started... One more week for me... I'm sure it's gonna feel like the longest week ever. Prince Rupert is starting to feel a bit like home now. I've been going out exploring by foot the past few days. Went down by the water and checked out the train yard, not much there as its mainly used to cue trains while they wait to go to Prince Rupert Grain. It's a strange mix of worlds here, brand new buildings and businesses right next to derelict docks and abandoned shops. The waterfront is not pretty like a sandy beach but it's still awesome to look at, especially with snow on the hills all around town... Now there is snow everywhere but when I was there it was still a few hundred meters above town... Off to bed for me, gotta get up early and gorge myself at the Sunday brunch buffet downstairs.

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